Saturday, September 5, 2009

Recycling Madness

The picture below was from Dollywood! they have these throughout the park how cool is that! While in Tennessee I found the sign that was a local Recycling drop off so we went of course~ I usually get my way but there is grumbling that I have to put up with!

There's a new country song out by Trace Adkins called " every light in the house is on" and when I first hear it my hubby looked at me and said "I bet it's driving you crazy that he is leaving every light in the house on isn't it?" and of course it was! what in the devil~ the girl will come home when she's ready just leave the flipp'n porch light on dummy! There is also another on that drives me insane and I didn't make my feelings know about that one either hubby brought it up! it's by Alan Jackson called "drive" here's the part that drives me crazy "He'd let me drive her when we haul off a load Down a dirt strip where we'd dump trash off of Thickpen Road" why in the hell are you dumping trash on the side of the road????

While on vacation all I could notice was all the trash that people throw where ever they please! in our cabin in the woods you would look down at the trees and see trash scattered down there~ that to me is a scene killer! I can only pick up what is around me and have to remember I can't save the world single handedly! but I sure can try!