Friday, November 20, 2009

Paper Wristlets

A bit ago I got a request on my etsy site to make a wristlet out of taco bell items! this was a challenge since the wrappers were paper and they only had one style plastic bag~not to mention I didn't care for taco bell all that much but seems I was just fooling myself! so I figured out a way to water proof the paper and whipped it up in less than a week from the request~Now I have a whole new world open up to me not just upcycling plastic but now paper trash! Here are two new versions a Long John Silver's wristlet and a Happy meal Wristlet! Both are lined with Eco Felt which is felt made from plastic bottles, you can find it over at Felt o Rama.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Meat Tray Garland How To!

I wasn't the one to come up with this but I saw a picture of it somewhere but not sure where to give credit were credit is due so sorry about that~ It was just a picture not a how to if that means anything!

What to do with those handy little meat trays? you could use them for paints but I don't paint very often and they just seem like they could have some other helpful use besides holding Meat but I have yet to find one until now! MEAT TRAY GARLAND!! I believe garland is not just for the holidays but to make every day a festive day!

1)Gather your meat trays ~ they do come in an array of colors but I used white for my first go at it.
2)Now tear the tray up in to pieces, no need to be perfect just tear away, I used 3 meat trays for this one and it fit across my front 2 windows.
3)Now that you have all these pieces floating around time to wrangle them in! thread a sewing needle and start threading the pieces on.

4) once you have them all threaded on you could stop and be done but I wanted mine to have some sparkle so I sprayed the garland with acrylic spray and sprinkled with glass glitter~ I then coated with acrylic again to make sure the glass glitter stuck and was sealed on!


You can use egg cartons, lg McDonald's cups are Styrofoam, etc..

Monday, November 2, 2009

Afghan Completed

I finished an Afghan this weekend~ my daughter wanted to use it before it was finished so that inspired me to hurry up and finish it so I could cover her up with it while she was sleeping! it turned out so cute. I like this pattern because it's quick and thick, it uses that big chunky yarn. It takes 7 skeins and you can get them on sale for $5 so it only cost $35! here's the link for the free pattern;
If the link doesn't work you can find it at pattern number 60751A

My daughter and I did some needle felting this weekend~ she's only 11 but good at it and hasn't injured herself to badly yet! I was making felted Mushrooms and she was working on a blueberry but when I got up the next morning the Blueberry was not yet done but this was waiting for me! she made me an egg for breakfast! She sure is a crafty one!