Monday, January 30, 2012


Have you every really realized the things you use EVERY DAY? 
I just realized these few things about myself 

1) I use only one bowl in my house to eat out of. It's a vintage blue bowl I got at an antique store. 
2) I only eat from one plate. If it's dirty I wash it before I will eat. It's small (I have always preferred smaller plates must have been that weight watchers thing from years ago) It's a rectangle with sides.
3) Now this one I've know for a long time. I only use Soup spoons to eat with! don't know why but I love them & my very favorite one I took from a resort in Jamaica. (Sorry I know that was wrong of me but I want to be buried with this spoon)
4) This one isn't much of a secret but I needed a 4th for my picture lol! My French press. I have had coffee makers in the past & have one now but I just Love my French press the best!

When I quit my Job I had grand plans to make my own sour cream, yogurt, sour dough bread, cheese, pasta, etc.... well non of which I have made lol. 
But this week I did start making bread, not sour dough (which I did make the starter it just seemed like way more work that I was willing to put in to it). Now for the best part..... My family ate it all at one sitting! The third time it didn't all go but I did get a good effort. It tastes a lot like egg bread kind of sweet and oh so yummy. I did make home made cinnamon rolls this morning which I thought were good but I had ran out of white flour and had to use some Whole Wheat flour well hubby noticed the "brown " color and declared he does not like Wheat! WTH really you don't like Wheat? whatever not worth the fight. 
So This week I will be adding Olives to my bread to see what that might taste like!
Here's the link to the Recipe (click the word Recipe)


Monday, January 16, 2012

Apple Pie

I am not sure if I mentioned it here or not but I became a Grandma on 10.13.11
to a Beautiful Girl named Alexandra.
Now her name was a battle between her parents. Now it seems her parents each have different nicknames for her~ Mom calls her Lexi ~ Dad calls her Alex 
So Grandma decided she was going to call her Apple Pie!
Nothing like confusing the poor child lol.
without further ado here she is!

Thursday, January 12, 2012


I have been wanting a mascot for Radical Recycks for sometime now. 
I have emailed a logo company with no response (loved their work).
I have asked a friend to draw me a picture which hasn't come to fruit yet. 
I've looked online for that perfect Raccoon & was having no luck until now!!
Here he is Ricky Raccoon!

Friday, January 6, 2012

Bohemian Bag

After I did the video's for the Bohemian Bag I was kind of over it...... then it came back to me the other day and a trip to Salvation Army was in my future! The thought of a Black & Gray bag with Sweater beads that were beaded with hot pink beads got me drooling again! After your first one they whip up quick! I can't wait to ditch this cast and backpack so I can carry it around town!

If you want to sign up the classes are now live (as of 1.1.12) 
Plus there are 19 more classes you can take from the comfort of your own home!
Here's the link to sign up!