Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Sweet Treats

Just got home from Denver yesterday! It was fun filled with adventure, food & conversation ~ I miss my BFF already! while out there we found Gigi's cupcakes and they were so Yummy!! Cupcakes joints are popping up all over the place they are super hot right now and I hope they stay hot!.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

It's about time Lady!

Well my freind has been on me that I need to make myself a purse to use as it's the best form of advertising! My friend Wendy from http://www.recycledlps.com/ cares around one of her album purses and someone noticed it and did an interview with her for national geographic! If you love it flaut it!

My problem is everytime I made one that I wanted I ended up selling it! the last one I drew up plans and everything just had some finishing touches. Then I did the Maker Faire and sold more than half my bags the first day so I had to finsih it up and put it out there for sale~ It was the first bag to sell the second day! So finally I made one for myself and here it is!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Heaven and Earth

Well today is my birthday and my saying is this "Today is the day Heaven & Earth Collided & created such a being as myself" Pretty fabulous isn't it? and yes I thought it up all on my own years ago so everyone only has to hear it once a year! It will be my last year in my 30's but next year on this day I should be in Vegas if all goes as planned!

So life once again has seem to be wild ~ every night I have plans which non are what I really need to be doing! I did however manage to get 18 jars of pears canned and 3 jars of salsa canned before the fruit flies carried us away! Now if I could just have a day or two before the next wave of pears become rip for fruit roll ups and dried pears life will be good!

I have been obsessed with making Gift Card necklaces so much so I have now cut up all of our credit cards! The one necklace I made of all Gold and Silver credit cards will be on display at the Janice Charach Gallery in West Bloomfield, Michigan starting September 2nd until sometime in October~ I should know these things shouldn't I??? I just like making the stuff everything else is just minor details! I have several for sale on my etsy site and the most treasured ones are the ones from Farmville gift cards and too boot I just kicked the farming habit after two years!

I also have whipped up some of these cuties they are Plastic Bottle Flower Necklaces! I still have to put these ones up on Etsy but again minor details! not so minor when I am broke and it's no joke huh?

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Inspired Artist Workshop May 2011

I am pleased to say that I am going to be one of the Artist's at 
The 2011 Inspired Artist Workshop in Charlotte, NC
Limited Space 
Register Now!

Time to Make it a Go!

So it's been an eventful week! I put in my years notice at my day job~ I know a year everyone laughs at me when I tell them but it was agreed upon long ago that if I ever left I would have to give a year's notice and couldn't do it in the busy time of year so just before my 40th is when I will be on my own! Scary yet exciting. I read somewhere awhile back that a Goal is a dream with a deadline so I posted it on my computer screen at work and Made my goal~ to be on my own (no day job) before I'm 40! so here I am starting to make my Goal a reality! and I love my hubby for helping me reach my Goal!

I also did a Trunk show today at a hair Salon called "The Studio" in Farmington Hills, MI . I meet one of the salon owners at a Green Breeze show I did a couple of weeks ago and the show wasn't that good for me but so I thought! I met Tasha and honestly she is one of my biggest Cheerleaders! I love this Gal she just talks about my stuff with such Love!  I had a Great day there and meet a ton of Fantastic Ladies! I can't wait to go back!

Then on my way home from the Salon I stop at a road side place and got a bunch of corn to freeze and topped off my night with a dinner that had food from my garden in it!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Green Craft Issue #3

I am proud to say that I have an article in the lastest issue of Green Craft Magazine! It just hit news stands and it chalked full of fabulous "Upcycling" ideas which are sure to inspire you!!

I love this one made from bike tires!!