Monday, August 8, 2011

Fresh start Give Away!

So my fresh start is upon me as my last day of work is Friday & my 40th is a week after that! For me it feels like I am taking off my coat & starting fresh! With that said I am starting my online presents campaign not really sure what that means but it sounds good. I have 2 blogs right now one on blogger & the other one on my website this as you can imagine is a bit confusing but to my defense I didn't plan it this way. I am going to be amping up my posts on my website blog so I am want to drive traffic to my website & the give away will take place there.

Now for the good part the Give Away!

What is you wonder? A messenger bag made from a cat food bag with an adjustable strap & front pocket, trashy Barrett which is make from 1 1/2 shopping bags, notebook with a chicken nugget cover, juice pouch pocket, used gift card earrings (target gift card), water bottle flower ring (adjustable), used gift card guitar pick key chain (Starbucks gift card), used gift card necklace (trader Joe gift card) & a signed copy of my book "upcycled Accessories ".

So do you want to win all this yummy stuff? Then go to my website and sign up for my newsletter! The cut off will be my birthday august 20th so anyone that signs up by midnight on the 20th will be entered to win! Now I will be in Vegas that day so I may not announce the winner until the 22nd. Also I have yet to do a newsletter so my first one will be announcing the winner!

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