Friday, October 30, 2009

Then there was one!

I am only Blogging here now. I have had a Lampes Lumps blog with Typepad for many years but blogging is something I have floundered at so I decided to shut down typepad and blog just here. So all my fiber news will be here as well as my other love Recycling, Reducing, ReUsing! Now that's straight I hope to get things rolling and blog more consistantly! I just have a hard time doing it without a picture~ boring!
So here's a Cupcake and some Hot Coco for you!


I found this free Ghost pattern on and it whips up quickly! I think next year I will make a bunch of them and hang them from the ceiling!Then I whipped up this cute pumpkin! it was a bit hard to pull the yarn to make the valley's ~ so mine is a bit off kilter but still cute enough for my daughter to want to bring it to school and show off! you can find the pattern here
Halloween is upon us and tomorrow brings drinking woodchuck in my neighbor's driveway and passing out candy! I think I will bring some harder stuff so we can make "duck Fart" shots! Crown, kahlua & Bailey's.

Fall Air

We went to our Cabin last weekend to close it down. Can't get back there once it snows because when I say it's back in the woods it really is back in the woods! here are some pictures of the tree's and the Monster in the woods! I will miss the Fresh air and lazy days up there!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Fabulous Green Costume for Halloween!

I think this picture says it all!
here's the link I got the picture from

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

This is my latest artwork. I think my next tatt will be the recycle symbol!

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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Plastic House

I taught at ArtFiberFest back in June, sadly it was the last year it will be hosted BUT I also took a class with Charlotte Lyons (here's her blog ) we made houses out of felt ~ we had so much fun chatting and sewing~ It was a great day! She inspired me to make a "Plastic House" I think it could use a bottle cap fence but I'm working on it~ not enough time in the day for all my ideas dammit!

Plastic Bottle Rings

So I am always trying to think of things to make from the blue bin~ I already make bracelets from plastic bottles but why not give a whirl at making some plastic bottle rings? Here's a few that I came up with. Let me know what you think!
Just incase you haven't seen my bracelet's here's one it can be found on my etsy site for sale