Sunday, November 15, 2009

Meat Tray Garland How To!

I wasn't the one to come up with this but I saw a picture of it somewhere but not sure where to give credit were credit is due so sorry about that~ It was just a picture not a how to if that means anything!

What to do with those handy little meat trays? you could use them for paints but I don't paint very often and they just seem like they could have some other helpful use besides holding Meat but I have yet to find one until now! MEAT TRAY GARLAND!! I believe garland is not just for the holidays but to make every day a festive day!

1)Gather your meat trays ~ they do come in an array of colors but I used white for my first go at it.
2)Now tear the tray up in to pieces, no need to be perfect just tear away, I used 3 meat trays for this one and it fit across my front 2 windows.
3)Now that you have all these pieces floating around time to wrangle them in! thread a sewing needle and start threading the pieces on.

4) once you have them all threaded on you could stop and be done but I wanted mine to have some sparkle so I sprayed the garland with acrylic spray and sprinkled with glass glitter~ I then coated with acrylic again to make sure the glass glitter stuck and was sealed on!


You can use egg cartons, lg McDonald's cups are Styrofoam, etc..

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