Wednesday, December 28, 2011

T-Shirt Wreath Tutorial

I made a video on how to make a T-Shirt Wreath! Great for any Holiday or just because! I have one in my hall way and one on my front door.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Sweater Beads

Finally I'm done with my workshop video's and Pdf's!! 
I have been wanting to do online workshops but always put it on the back burner being apart of "Stitched" forced me to do it and have deadlines!

In case you haven't signed up yet here's the link

Here's some pictures of the bag and beads I made in the video's

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Stitched Online Workshops

I am excited to be one of the 20 teachers teaching an online workshop!! 
They are all Fabric Based Projects and who doesn't love Fabric!
I'm teaching the Bohemian Bag workshop in which we will transform Acrylic Sweaters into a Fantastic Bag! So get your sewing Machines out and grab those Ugly sweaters and go Register!

Click here to view more details

Here is the Bohemian Bag

Click here to view more details

Plus the First 20 to Register through me get a FREE Kit!
Kit Includes:
Roving to made Felted beads
Wool Sweater pieces
Felted wool piece
Custom Embroidery pattern made by Jen Osborn just for this Bag!!
All will come wrapped up in Upcycling Packaging of course!

Click here to view more details

Here are pictures from all the workshops!

Friday, November 18, 2011


When I was 15 yrs old I worked at a place called broadway bagel. Looking back I am not sure what was up with this company but they let a 15 yr old run their business. I would open by myself and close by myself, take deliveries and make bagels. When I made the bagels I would put them in a giant boiler then put them on the giant oven. One time I was slicing meat for a customer and cut my finger on the meat slicer ended up not being a bug deal but it sure scared the crap out of me! Why am I telling you this story? Because I have been wanting to make homemade bagels for along time now and finally got around to doing it! They were everything I hoped they would be and my daughter even liked them! The only bad thing is they only last the day you make them. I think next time I will only make a half batch. They aren't hard to make so I encourage you give it a whirl.

I put some Black salt on a few of them. I am a salt snob and love unique salts.

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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Slipper Obsession

I love love love slippers~ I love to buy slippers and slipper patterns ~ crochet, knit & sewing. Funny thing is I usually only make one slipper lol! but it's usually because the slipper doesn't quite fit me. Not sure why all the patterns I get never fit my big old foot and it's not like they don't give a pattern for my size 9's so not sure what the problem is the only thing I can think of is the folks making the patterns have smaller feet so they just assume the adjustments will fit a bigger foot with no real proof! Well time to try another pattern this one from but again to much despair it didn't fit however it was an easy fit I just had to make the foot longer! Presto a new pair of slippers for mamma!

My Mother in Law was over the other day to see my Granddaughter and said to me "you know that you have two different slippers on?" I let he know I made them from old clothes and didn't have enough fabric to make a matching pair~ duh! 

My all time favorite Knit slipper pattern is from Lee Meredith called Mary Jane Booties!
They whip up quick and I mean quick plus the best part is you can use all your left over yarns and if they don't match all the better! They have been a Christmas hit for a few years now go get the pattern & start Knitting the holiday's are right around the corner! Here's the cover page of her pattern so you know what your looking for!

Thursday, November 3, 2011


all 20 classes (plus bonus mini ones) all for $89! 
Sign up's start Dec 1st and I will have a link you can purchase through.
More details about the classes to come.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

For the Love of Tee's

I have been obsessed with T-shirts lately! I am making this cute hats which are great for the fall as they aren't too warm yet keep the chill off your head! Gender natural as well! 

My Stash of Tee's

Betty in her hat! (This was my display at a craft show)

My Son not happily modeling a "world of warcraft" hat!

So I have now added Flowers to the mix! I love these so much they can be used in your hair or as a clip on your shirt, purse or even shoes! 

My with my new flower!

Nope doesn't stop there! Fingerless gloves now are added to the T-shirt goods list! they are great because they aren't too warm but just right for those cold office days!

You will just have to wait to see what I have brewing next.....................

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Random Recycling & Zippers

My hubby is a bit obsessed with Craigslist but lucky for me he came across this listing for a coke bottle recycling bin! I have seen these at amusement parks but where in the world does one get them? Craigslist right? Lol. When my hubby went to pick it up the person also had giant M&M guys for sale but hubby thankful didn't jump on those!

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I've been instructed not to put it outside lol! Seems it will be going in the corner of the kitchen.

I use zippers in some of the things I make but they are a bit pricey when you add up your cost in supplies so I turned to eBay to see if I could score some for a fraction of the cost and I did! That's when it all when wrong! One lot of 750 was enough I had to buy 2 lots! So now I have 1500 zippers and I frankly don't use that many. In the last few days the zippers have made their way back into my creations but I am not a fan of the blind zipper so I sorted the 1500 zippers out so the regular ones would be on top for easy access. Heres the pile of regular zippere!

The picture really doesn't do this gianormous pile justice!

Zipper creations.


Location:Joan,Pinckney,United States

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

New Clutch

So now that I'm home I have a little more time to finally get to those things I've been wanting to create!
One is made with grocery & h&m bag, the other one is from a plastic table cloth. Both are lined with Eco felt.
You can purchase them at

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Love 2 Upcycle: Meet & Greet: RadicalRecycks

Love 2 Upcycle: Meet & Greet: RadicalRecycks: Tracie discovered her love for recycling and upcycling as a girl scout leader. Taking plastic bags and turning them into plastic fabric she ...

Friday, September 16, 2011

Tutorial, Give Aways & More!

Contest/Giveaways/Just plain good stuff!

On my other blog I have a tutorial, give away and just some great info on a new eco friendly kid's program. Click the link above to check it out! be sure to leave a comment on my other blog for a chance to win!

( click on the blog section!)

Monday, September 5, 2011

Last hurrah!

Well as I may have mentioned before I recently when from going into work everyday to working from home ( I was quitting all together but made a deal with the devil). So what am I doing with all my free time? Don't seem to have much free time for anything lol! I really don't know where the days go and I try not to "craft" in the evening when my husband is home which doesn't leave much time! I swear I got more done when I was working lol. I am sure it will all fall into place soon, or at least I hope so.Thus weekend signals the last hurrah before school starts- I'm not going back but my lovely daughter is starting 8th grade which with that comes drama lots of drama! So like always we headed up north to our cabin in the woods, time to sit back relax and enjoy the fresh air.

I have always wanted to go on a guided mushroom hunt but have yet to do the research on where one might be but nonetheless its the start of my mushroom obsession. I first wanted to eat them but after learning more about them unless you are 100% sure what mushroom it is don't eat it you could die... Enough said I will be loving them from afar lol. So my hubby went on a walk with me to look for mushrooms. Not sure what any of them are but here are my findings.

This isn't a mushroom but the cutest thing ever in it's green& brown scenery.

My hubby & the dogs on our mushroom walk. We have to watch for hawks so they don't swoop down & grab the dogs.

My other favorite thing to do while up here is garage sales. It's a bit tricky because there are no subdivisions just houses off dirt roads. I did score some goodies! These vintage curtains that just had that musty yummy smell to them. When I bought them the lady said " oh those will keep the drafts out" I said " I'm not using them as curtains I'm cutting them up and using them as liners in my totes" a bit of horror on her face then a quick reply " I never heard of that I'm glad you found a use for them". Here's my score.

A view of our scenery! I love it up here so much! Ya know this is plan "B" if me not working doesn't work out we will pick up & move up here to our tiny cabin. The girl isn't happy there's a plan "B".

Monday, August 8, 2011

Fresh start Give Away!

So my fresh start is upon me as my last day of work is Friday & my 40th is a week after that! For me it feels like I am taking off my coat & starting fresh! With that said I am starting my online presents campaign not really sure what that means but it sounds good. I have 2 blogs right now one on blogger & the other one on my website this as you can imagine is a bit confusing but to my defense I didn't plan it this way. I am going to be amping up my posts on my website blog so I am want to drive traffic to my website & the give away will take place there.

Now for the good part the Give Away!

What is you wonder? A messenger bag made from a cat food bag with an adjustable strap & front pocket, trashy Barrett which is make from 1 1/2 shopping bags, notebook with a chicken nugget cover, juice pouch pocket, used gift card earrings (target gift card), water bottle flower ring (adjustable), used gift card guitar pick key chain (Starbucks gift card), used gift card necklace (trader Joe gift card) & a signed copy of my book "upcycled Accessories ".

So do you want to win all this yummy stuff? Then go to my website and sign up for my newsletter! The cut off will be my birthday august 20th so anyone that signs up by midnight on the 20th will be entered to win! Now I will be in Vegas that day so I may not announce the winner until the 22nd. Also I have yet to do a newsletter so my first one will be announcing the winner!

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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Giveaway coming up!!

I am going to be giving away a Signed copy of my book along with some goodies starting in August so stay tuned..................... (you can become a follower on my blog to be the first to  know!)

Friday, July 22, 2011

Duct tape iPad case

A few posts ago I told you about a challenge I has with making something using duct tape, Velcro & westcott cutting tools well I made a iPad case with a pocket that is also lined with Eco felt and a camera/cell phone holder with a pocket and lined with Eco felt as well. Here they are on display .

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Me with Marisa Pawelko, Barb St. john, Bernie Berlin in the Westcott booth.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Duct tape clutch

I am at CHA Chicago this week and made this totally awesome duct tape clutch! Marisa Pawelko at was demoing how to make them in Westcott's booth. We also got some free scissors which are non stick! How cool is that?!

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Monday, July 4, 2011

What will I make?

I got 3 packages the other day from the following:

Westcott - scissors, cutting mat & paper cutter

Duck brand duct tape- assorted rolls & sheets ( they make sheets of duct tape now incase you didn't know)

Velcro- dots & strips

Now the mission ( since I already choose to accept it) it to make something using all 3 of the brand items sent to me. So of course my wheels were spinning on what to make- for me it has to be functional I have a hard time making something that well is just pretty I admire those who can do this! I need to work on that a bit.

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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Hot day

Nothing like homemade white wine sangria on a hot summer day!

This was an adaptation of a Martha Stewart recipe. Simple sugar, cloves, cinnamon sticks, white wine, apples, lemons.

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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Traveling for Trash

I talk a lot about my upcycling - for instance while I am getting my trashy roots dyed at the salon I ease drop on conversations and insert myself not because I'm nosey but rather because I'm bored (this looking beautiful thing is long hard work lol) and of course I somehow get to talking about how I make things out of trash. well on this particular occasion the lady I was talking to had a trunk full of games that she had tried to donate to salvation army but they wouldn't take them because they didn't have the time to make sure all the pieces where there, really? yep really! So guess who has them now? Yep me! So I have taken what I can use and recycled what I can't.

Now I also meet someone who is quality control for a company that makes tractor kind of seats so they get rolls of vinyl in then test it and if it's bad well they don't have anything to do with it because the recycling company only takes small pieces and the company they buy the vinyl from doesn't want the defective vinyl back so I was more than happy to volunteer to take it off of their hands! Heres my first roll! Now what to make?

And so it goes on.....I got an email last week from someone who works at Dow Corning and seems they orders these shiny silver bags from 3m but they were the wrong size and didn't meet their standards for some reason so to the trash they were headed but this wonderful lady got the go ahead to give them to me! Now what to make with them? Oh I think there's at least 250 in each box!

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