Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Traveling for Trash

I talk a lot about my upcycling - for instance while I am getting my trashy roots dyed at the salon I ease drop on conversations and insert myself not because I'm nosey but rather because I'm bored (this looking beautiful thing is long hard work lol) and of course I somehow get to talking about how I make things out of trash. well on this particular occasion the lady I was talking to had a trunk full of games that she had tried to donate to salvation army but they wouldn't take them because they didn't have the time to make sure all the pieces where there, really? yep really! So guess who has them now? Yep me! So I have taken what I can use and recycled what I can't.

Now I also meet someone who is quality control for a company that makes tractor kind of seats so they get rolls of vinyl in then test it and if it's bad well they don't have anything to do with it because the recycling company only takes small pieces and the company they buy the vinyl from doesn't want the defective vinyl back so I was more than happy to volunteer to take it off of their hands! Heres my first roll! Now what to make?

And so it goes on.....I got an email last week from someone who works at Dow Corning and seems they orders these shiny silver bags from 3m but they were the wrong size and didn't meet their standards for some reason so to the trash they were headed but this wonderful lady got the go ahead to give them to me! Now what to make with them? Oh I think there's at least 250 in each box!

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