Sunday, February 20, 2011


A little article on Work

We are what we do, and the more we do it, the more we become it.  By giving a job your time, you are giving it your consciousness.  Eventually it will fill your life with the reality that it presents.  So look beyond the superficial attractions of a particular job or profession.  Consider what it will require you to do on a day-to-day, hour-to-hour, minute-to-minute basis.  See if that is how you want to spend your time.  If it is not, your job will become your prison rather than the vehicle for your dreams.  And a person without dreams is only half alive.

You should think of work as vocation, which comes from the Latin word for calling, which comes from the word for voice.  In those meanings it touches on what work really should be - something that calls to you, that gives voice to who you are and what you want to say in the world.  If you find a vocation, embrace it.  You have found a way to contribute to the world with love.

Find what it is that burns in your heart and do it.  Choose a vocation, not a job, and your life will have meaning and your days will have peace.

You should check out her Eye Candy of a website~ even go to one of her Retreats! The first "art" retreat I ever when to was with her, her hubby Tracy & Michael DeMeng. I was let's say life changing! it has lead me on the road not only to be a better person but to find myself , chase my dreams and well find a job that is calling to me! I'm not there yet with the job thing but I am letting go of my "Prison" job in Aug to do my Vocation lets just hope I can make some moola at it lol!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Recycled Plastic Bag Flowers

I use to make these a lot and it's actually a mini project in my book but just like everything you grow tired of it so I sold out of what I had and then just a few weeks ago I lost interest in everything else except sitting on the couch with my hubby and making these! I made some Pins and some Barrette's. I still have one on my purse and it's been through hell but is holding up. Some of the girls in my girl scout troop bought some from me at a local craft fair and they wear the barrette's on their headbands~ clever girls!

So get your flower looms and plastic bags out and weave away to a new brooch from your spring coat!
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Wednesday, February 2, 2011


So I am an avid drinker of WoodChuck which is a cider draft ~ it's apple cider liquored up! anyway the green glass bottle it comes in are not returnable~ Michigan has .10cents  returnables but for some reason these ones aren't so I recycle them but we can't recycle glass in our curbside recycling bin and the big recycling dumpster at work only takes clear glass. So i have to drive a ways to the recycling center that will take them. So now you can image this gets to be a pain in the rear on some occasions so I thought I should just make something out of this glass! So I bought an industrial rock polishing thing and thought I could break the glass then tumble it to look like sea glass~ It did just that but then it sat there I just didn't have the drive to do anything else with it. So then I got the idea that I must have a kiln to melt it then I would use it in some jewelry pieces. Great idea but I really didn't want to plunk down $500 bucks on a kiln then for it to sit there because it didn't really do what I wanted. I talked about this kiln must have for a long time then a friend saw this Microwave kiln and it was cheap (well cheap enough I could justify it!) it worked right off the bat but now it's not doing what it was before but still melting the glass! I have to figure out the bugs.

Now that I had my melted glass piece I was finally inspired to make something with it! I made this necklace it's main piece is the woodchuck glass then the rest of the charms are recycled pieces like a used gift card, metal bottle cap, button, star charm that was in the junk drawer! I want to call these necklaces "CrapTastic Necklaces " but I am not thinking that will fly with the customer that might want to purchase it! Any suggestions would be welcome!
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