Wednesday, February 2, 2011


So I am an avid drinker of WoodChuck which is a cider draft ~ it's apple cider liquored up! anyway the green glass bottle it comes in are not returnable~ Michigan has .10cents  returnables but for some reason these ones aren't so I recycle them but we can't recycle glass in our curbside recycling bin and the big recycling dumpster at work only takes clear glass. So i have to drive a ways to the recycling center that will take them. So now you can image this gets to be a pain in the rear on some occasions so I thought I should just make something out of this glass! So I bought an industrial rock polishing thing and thought I could break the glass then tumble it to look like sea glass~ It did just that but then it sat there I just didn't have the drive to do anything else with it. So then I got the idea that I must have a kiln to melt it then I would use it in some jewelry pieces. Great idea but I really didn't want to plunk down $500 bucks on a kiln then for it to sit there because it didn't really do what I wanted. I talked about this kiln must have for a long time then a friend saw this Microwave kiln and it was cheap (well cheap enough I could justify it!) it worked right off the bat but now it's not doing what it was before but still melting the glass! I have to figure out the bugs.

Now that I had my melted glass piece I was finally inspired to make something with it! I made this necklace it's main piece is the woodchuck glass then the rest of the charms are recycled pieces like a used gift card, metal bottle cap, button, star charm that was in the junk drawer! I want to call these necklaces "CrapTastic Necklaces " but I am not thinking that will fly with the customer that might want to purchase it! Any suggestions would be welcome!
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  1. oooooh, very nice! Yeah, I'm not marketing guru but I don't think craptastic would sell... LOL

    How something about Oz... that green makes me think emeralds...

    lucky clover or something? March 17 coming up and all...