Monday, September 5, 2011

Last hurrah!

Well as I may have mentioned before I recently when from going into work everyday to working from home ( I was quitting all together but made a deal with the devil). So what am I doing with all my free time? Don't seem to have much free time for anything lol! I really don't know where the days go and I try not to "craft" in the evening when my husband is home which doesn't leave much time! I swear I got more done when I was working lol. I am sure it will all fall into place soon, or at least I hope so.Thus weekend signals the last hurrah before school starts- I'm not going back but my lovely daughter is starting 8th grade which with that comes drama lots of drama! So like always we headed up north to our cabin in the woods, time to sit back relax and enjoy the fresh air.

I have always wanted to go on a guided mushroom hunt but have yet to do the research on where one might be but nonetheless its the start of my mushroom obsession. I first wanted to eat them but after learning more about them unless you are 100% sure what mushroom it is don't eat it you could die... Enough said I will be loving them from afar lol. So my hubby went on a walk with me to look for mushrooms. Not sure what any of them are but here are my findings.

This isn't a mushroom but the cutest thing ever in it's green& brown scenery.

My hubby & the dogs on our mushroom walk. We have to watch for hawks so they don't swoop down & grab the dogs.

My other favorite thing to do while up here is garage sales. It's a bit tricky because there are no subdivisions just houses off dirt roads. I did score some goodies! These vintage curtains that just had that musty yummy smell to them. When I bought them the lady said " oh those will keep the drafts out" I said " I'm not using them as curtains I'm cutting them up and using them as liners in my totes" a bit of horror on her face then a quick reply " I never heard of that I'm glad you found a use for them". Here's my score.

A view of our scenery! I love it up here so much! Ya know this is plan "B" if me not working doesn't work out we will pick up & move up here to our tiny cabin. The girl isn't happy there's a plan "B".

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