Sunday, November 13, 2011

Slipper Obsession

I love love love slippers~ I love to buy slippers and slipper patterns ~ crochet, knit & sewing. Funny thing is I usually only make one slipper lol! but it's usually because the slipper doesn't quite fit me. Not sure why all the patterns I get never fit my big old foot and it's not like they don't give a pattern for my size 9's so not sure what the problem is the only thing I can think of is the folks making the patterns have smaller feet so they just assume the adjustments will fit a bigger foot with no real proof! Well time to try another pattern this one from but again to much despair it didn't fit however it was an easy fit I just had to make the foot longer! Presto a new pair of slippers for mamma!

My Mother in Law was over the other day to see my Granddaughter and said to me "you know that you have two different slippers on?" I let he know I made them from old clothes and didn't have enough fabric to make a matching pair~ duh! 

My all time favorite Knit slipper pattern is from Lee Meredith called Mary Jane Booties!
They whip up quick and I mean quick plus the best part is you can use all your left over yarns and if they don't match all the better! They have been a Christmas hit for a few years now go get the pattern & start Knitting the holiday's are right around the corner! Here's the cover page of her pattern so you know what your looking for!

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