Monday, November 2, 2009

Afghan Completed

I finished an Afghan this weekend~ my daughter wanted to use it before it was finished so that inspired me to hurry up and finish it so I could cover her up with it while she was sleeping! it turned out so cute. I like this pattern because it's quick and thick, it uses that big chunky yarn. It takes 7 skeins and you can get them on sale for $5 so it only cost $35! here's the link for the free pattern;
If the link doesn't work you can find it at pattern number 60751A

My daughter and I did some needle felting this weekend~ she's only 11 but good at it and hasn't injured herself to badly yet! I was making felted Mushrooms and she was working on a blueberry but when I got up the next morning the Blueberry was not yet done but this was waiting for me! she made me an egg for breakfast! She sure is a crafty one!


  1. Say why don't you sell some of these on your Etsy site or do you?? I will go into your shop again as I ahve not been there for a while. I have yet to see you post a comment on my blog. Now I still have those monthly giveaways and also have some Etsy news from the teams I belong to on Etsy go check it out.

  2. I forgot to say that I love the EGG~~ looks real