Friday, August 20, 2010

Heaven and Earth

Well today is my birthday and my saying is this "Today is the day Heaven & Earth Collided & created such a being as myself" Pretty fabulous isn't it? and yes I thought it up all on my own years ago so everyone only has to hear it once a year! It will be my last year in my 30's but next year on this day I should be in Vegas if all goes as planned!

So life once again has seem to be wild ~ every night I have plans which non are what I really need to be doing! I did however manage to get 18 jars of pears canned and 3 jars of salsa canned before the fruit flies carried us away! Now if I could just have a day or two before the next wave of pears become rip for fruit roll ups and dried pears life will be good!

I have been obsessed with making Gift Card necklaces so much so I have now cut up all of our credit cards! The one necklace I made of all Gold and Silver credit cards will be on display at the Janice Charach Gallery in West Bloomfield, Michigan starting September 2nd until sometime in October~ I should know these things shouldn't I??? I just like making the stuff everything else is just minor details! I have several for sale on my etsy site and the most treasured ones are the ones from Farmville gift cards and too boot I just kicked the farming habit after two years!

I also have whipped up some of these cuties they are Plastic Bottle Flower Necklaces! I still have to put these ones up on Etsy but again minor details! not so minor when I am broke and it's no joke huh?

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