Monday, January 30, 2012


Have you every really realized the things you use EVERY DAY? 
I just realized these few things about myself 

1) I use only one bowl in my house to eat out of. It's a vintage blue bowl I got at an antique store. 
2) I only eat from one plate. If it's dirty I wash it before I will eat. It's small (I have always preferred smaller plates must have been that weight watchers thing from years ago) It's a rectangle with sides.
3) Now this one I've know for a long time. I only use Soup spoons to eat with! don't know why but I love them & my very favorite one I took from a resort in Jamaica. (Sorry I know that was wrong of me but I want to be buried with this spoon)
4) This one isn't much of a secret but I needed a 4th for my picture lol! My French press. I have had coffee makers in the past & have one now but I just Love my French press the best!

When I quit my Job I had grand plans to make my own sour cream, yogurt, sour dough bread, cheese, pasta, etc.... well non of which I have made lol. 
But this week I did start making bread, not sour dough (which I did make the starter it just seemed like way more work that I was willing to put in to it). Now for the best part..... My family ate it all at one sitting! The third time it didn't all go but I did get a good effort. It tastes a lot like egg bread kind of sweet and oh so yummy. I did make home made cinnamon rolls this morning which I thought were good but I had ran out of white flour and had to use some Whole Wheat flour well hubby noticed the "brown " color and declared he does not like Wheat! WTH really you don't like Wheat? whatever not worth the fight. 
So This week I will be adding Olives to my bread to see what that might taste like!
Here's the link to the Recipe (click the word Recipe)


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