Monday, February 6, 2012

February Photo A Day

I kept noticing all these pictures on Instagram that had the hashtag #JanPhotoADay so I was intrigued as to what it was all about. Seems this gal who's instagram name is FatMumSlim puts these lists together on what to take a picture of each day. I got on board in Feb and it's so much fun!! 
Here are my pictures so far.
 I will post the rest on this post as the month goes on.
Day 1 your view today
I was working on this embroidery pattern that my friend Jen Osborn made me for the Bohemian Bag workshop I am doing at Stitched 2012 (link on the right top)
Day 2 Words
I felt like this says it all...Sometimes we just need to "Stop" and take a look around us to see all the wonderful things me take for granted everyday.
Day 3 Hands
Nothing Sweeter than my Apple Pie's hands! They are the hands of our future.
Day 4 Stranger
I saw this cute girl at Treasure Mart while with my girlfriends & she just seemed like a Stranger I wanted to bring into my bubble! 
Day 5 10am
Gosh it's Sunday & no better place to be than still in bed! (I love my curtains!)

Day 6 Dinner
Here's the Recipe for Lasagna Soup I highly Recommend! (I have a picky family too)

Day 7 Buttons
I work with old clothing as my Medium and Love Love Love all the buttons I Upcycle from them. I have a jar full of them!

Day 8 Sun
A view from my Backyard.

Day 9 Front Door
My Front door which holds all that I hold dear to my heart.
That's my T-Shirt Wreath you can find the tutorial on my blog.

Day 10 Self Portrait
I just got my hair done~ it's Purple & Blonde. Needed a change.

Day 11 Makes Me Happy
Crocheting makes me Happy! This particular project is a big Heart for Hubby.

Day 12 Inside my Closet
This is rather a boring one! but I do have 2 sleeping bags hiding in there! this is because every year when we go to Girl Scout Camp I can never find the sleeping bags so this past year I decided to hide them in my closet with the flash lights!

Day13 Blue
Hello Blue Eyes! 
This is my Apple Pie & her Blue Eyes.

Day 14 Hearts
Happy Valentines Day!
These hearts are made from Used Gift Cards.

Day 15 Phone
I had a clever idea but came up with it too late :(
My phone is rather boring but I do Love it so!

Day 16 Something New
This is my new tomato Pin Cushion Tattoo! 
I just got it this week. I love how it ties in with the tape measure. Now for the buttons!

Day 17 Time
It's Girl Scout Cookie Time! somehow I am the one that got suckered into picking up all the cookies for our troop ~ 70 something cases! Still have 3 mom's that need to pick up their cookies!

Day 18 Drink
This is the most Delicious June Bug served at Friday's! Hubby and I went to dinner and I sucked a few of these down. They are dangerous as I can drink to many before I know what hits me lol!

Day 19 Something you Hate to do
I Hate having to clean up after dinner. You work so hard making a bunch of stuff, Sit down to enjoy then when you go back in the kitchen it's uggg when you see all those dirty pans!

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