Sunday, May 31, 2009

Disney goes down!

I have a girl in my Girl Scout troop that's mom is totally obsessed with Disney~ now I know I get that magical feeling when I there but once I'm gone the feeling is gone~ but to each their own. While at camp I notice she had this big plastic Disney bag. So I asked her what she was going to do with it? she said "keep it for every duh!" so I let her know that if she every wanted to ditch them or they broke that I wanted them~ they are very colorful ya know! She also let me know that she has a billizon of them at home. So one evening she came over and said she had been thinking a lot about what I said and she gave me a ton of bags. Now they were so nice and neatly folded and there were a lot and she said that she had so many that she just needed to let go of some of them. I tried to tell here what I had in store for them but it was to much for her to hear! Here's some pictures of their demise and what they turned into!

These are the bags now wait for it.............

Mickey is shrunk and ready to be made into something Fabulous! (haven't made him into anything yet but here is another one)

Finding Nemo on ice anyone?? me either but the hat sure is cute! it's at my etsy store for the taking!


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