Thursday, December 31, 2009

another year gone!

Wow where has the year gone? really is just flew by!

Many New Year's Resolutions but the one that comes to mind is the No Fabric or Yarn purchases will be made in 2010! my friend came over to get me orgainzed for the new year and needless to say there has to be a round two! not all could be done in one day! I also have over 1500 zippers~ but in my defense I got a great deal! What to do with all those zippers!

This Christmas I wrapped all the gifts in paper that I got when I received a package~ then I stamped the presents with a star stamp I carved. It turned out better than I was intinally thinking when I sat down to wrap everything I thought for sure it was going to be a getto Christmas! Here's some pictures but they might be a bit dark~ taken with my phone!.

I also had this idea to make some brooch flowers from newspaper~ seemed like it was all going to work out in my head but was more of a challenge than I thought. I ended up putting resin all over the flower for stability. In the center is a bottle cap (used of course). I need to try it again things never turn out exactly how I envision the first time I should know this by now!


Tonight I whipped up some cobra bracelets, making boiled peanuts and making a list of projects that are in my mind~ must get them out before I forget about them!

Happy New Year!

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