Thursday, September 23, 2010

This is how long it takes for things to decompose if just out there as litter~ it will never ever break down in a landfill as dirty is put over the trash which does not let any sunlight it to do it's job of breaking things down but the dirty ends up mummifying it! I got this from
Here’s how long it takes for commonly used products to biodegrade, when they are scattered as litter:
cotton rags 1-5 months
paper 2-5 months
rope 3-14 months
orange peels 6 months
wool socks 1 to 5 years
cigarette butts 1 to 12 years
plastic coated paper milk cartons 5 years
leather shoes 25 to 40 years
nylon fabric 30 to 40 years
tin cans 50 to 100 years
aluminum cans 80 to 100 years 

plastic 6-pack shower holder rings 450 years
glass bottles 1 million years
plastic bottles forever 


  1. thanks for the reminder... it always shocks me when I read this... how can people NOT compost and think twice before unconsciously CONSUMING new things???

  2. I have been trying hard not to make unnecessary purchases because eventually everything will end up as trash! Like my Tattoo?