Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Change & Explation

I have shut down my main website and have gone back to Blogger.
Well I have been on a "Crafty Hiatus" for sometime now - I was going hard crafting for a very long time. I mean my mind was going 24/7 with ideas and I was making stuff every second of the day that I could . Well as you can image after years and years of doing this something snapped- I read a book lol. 
Sounds silly I know but you have to understand I have an obsessive personality and when something "Sticks" I go balls to the wall with it. First was spinning yarn, then making trashy treasures, now it's reading. I never read before June 2012 (maybe 4 books in my 40 years) then I read a series of books and I didn't stop there I read 180 books from June to December. Last year I read 380 books. Do you see what I mean by obsessive? So when the reading started my crafty brain turned off :(.
I still make stuff but it's when asked to do it. I feel like my craftiness has started over because I am back to crocheting - which is what I started with at the beginning. 

So with all that said I do think I will get back to my trashy treasures at some point and I didn't want to shut my site down completely. I am planning on posting crafty stuff in general here and will lean towards the upcycling goods. So if you have anything you want me to feature just email me and I will post it!

Thanks for sticking with me!

upcycled recycled eco friendly

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