Monday, February 22, 2010

Trampoline Book Bag

I was asked to make a custom Trampoline bag for a special boy that is very tough on his backpacks! After getting the measurements just right I sat down to whip it up and discovered I did not have enough Trampoline bedding to make such a large bag~AHHHH!! Crap now it has taken us two weeks to hammer out the measurements and everything for this to happen! well thankfully I remember late last year I had to warranty a Trampoline bed because it was missing a cleat (trampoline talk) so when I when to work I had the boys in the warehouse find it for me!! Yeah back in business! so I finally remember to lug it home on Friday and got it done on Sat! I turned out just as I imagined! Don't you love when that happens? It looks kind of cockeyed only because when a Trampoline is not in it's intended state it's flimsy!

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