Thursday, May 6, 2010


Why is it after a vendor show I just gel the week following? maybe it's all the excitement and craziness of trying to make sure I have enough stuff made and hoping to go home with nothing but a big fat wallet? yep, I think that's what it is~ but while at the show I chit chatted my butt off and have idea's up the wazoo not to mention the folks that gave me the ideas~ gotta love that! So my week has turned into a big number headache! I took a quick book's class (2days) for my day job and I learned a lot but when I when back to the office to apply my new found knowledge seems it doesn't work as smooth as the instructor made it look! of course right that's why they want you to purchase $600 worth of DVDs so you can reference back! well good thing I spent the companies money and did just that! we'll see if he (he being the boss man) will let me keep them you have 30 days to return them!! So number talk not only bores the piss out of me but gives me a headache and makes me sleepy! funny how that seems to be my main job something I hate numbers~ oh one day hopefully soon it will be over or at least be more crafty time than number time~ let's bow our heads and pray to the crafty god to take me over to the other side where the glitter shines so bright you have to wear sunglasses all day long!

This is my latest obsessed piece~ can't seem to make enough! wallets, I said I was going to keep the grizzly one for myself if it didn't sell this weekend and seems it was in the stars to be in MY purse! not sure if folks figured out what it was~ grizzly snuff if so they may not have wanted to carry it!

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