Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Flower Pot

My god son and his siblings had their yearly birthday party so I wanted to make something special for their mom that would represent me and my love for them so I had the idea to make flowers from plastic bottles with stems made from plastic silverware and the pot was a soup can collage pauged then filled with plastic caps for the filler~ oh the best part was a picture of each one of them in the center of the flower~ you can see a picture of it on my Facebook Fan page just search Radical Recycks. So I was so loving how it turned out I decided to just make some with nothing in the middle for decoration~someone had given me these old Avon containers that I had not come up with anything for yet so they  made the perfect pot & instead of plastic caps since they were a bit to big for the pot I used those glass pebbles that I have had floating around my house for years now!! I used a plastic fork for the stem since i couldn't glue the steam to the flower. How cute would these look at a wedding shower for the guest gift!

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