Friday, October 22, 2010

Party Recycler

Well when ever I am invited to a party I am a freak about the recycling~ to the point I have everyone from the party coming up to me asking what they should do with their plates, cups, silverware, bottles, etc.... well I am sure in the back of their mind they think I am just a whack job but you know what to bad because I do what I do for their children! And I am sure they also wonder what in the world do I do with the recyclables? recycle them or hoard them ? Well here is what I created with the goods from the last birthday party~ flower magnets made from the Plastic water bottles! These particular magnets will be given away at the Yellow Door in Berkly Michigan for their Grand opening! the first 100 people get goody bags so if you live in Michigan I suggest you put this shop on your to do list! I just set my table up today~ and now that I see my goods with the table I need to go back next week and spruce it up!

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  1. These are sooooo cute!! Love then and you!!!