Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Butter Love

I have been making butter for a bit now and doing it by shaking it in a jar~ I have been longing for a butter churn and keep seeing them at Antiques stores but can't break off with $125 which is what most of them were going for. This past weekend I stopped in an Antique store not to far from home and SCORED one for $40! there were a few for $65 as well but this one came with it's instructions & a Blue Moon recipe booklet.
This moring I whipped up some butter~ it is much easier and really the easiest part is the washing of the butter! I just poured out the butter milk and put a cup of cold water in and churned emptied and repeated until the water was clear. Boy at half quater cost $2.98 with only the carton to recycle and I got a heap load of butter!

Now for the handy dandy instructions that came with the Churn and some Recipes from Blue Moon!

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