Monday, November 1, 2010


I recently was at my mothers and for whatever reason was looking through her cupboards~ I know not nice right? but trust me she has things that she doesn't even know she has! so while looking I saw the jello mold from when I was a kid~ oh it brought back great memories so I let my brother know it was mine(he let me know the grandfather clock was his~ not a fair trade but to me it was)!  Well while I was at my friends house the other day I saw that she too had one of those molds and told her my story and that I loved that thing. She is such a good friend that she gave it to me! she said she doesn't use it  and she got it at a garage sale for a quarter and it's hard to pass up Tupperware that is only a quarter! My day was made and Jello was on the mind. Here it is before the unveiling but I won't show you that because it wasn't as pretty as my mom's I think  I didn't fill it up all the way so I will have to devour all this jello so I can make another one.

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