Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Party time

I am sure you know that I work at a place that sells swing sets and because we have a hugh indoor showroom we had two party rooms built when we built the building so on weekends there are up to 8 parties! well I put recycling bins in the party rooms, a sign on the wall guilting them into recycling for their children and even a sign on the party room door but to my dismay only a few of them actually recycle! I ask the employees to leave the trash from the sunday parties so I can sift thru it on Monday pulling out all the plastic bottles, returnables, plastic silverware, juice pouches and any wrapping paper that hasn't found the food! The saturday parties trash tends to start smelling by sunday so the employees  feel them must toss it so I figure I have to let it go and know that I am doing something by saving those who had parties on Sunday~ damn those Saturday folks!lol!

Well a lot of people out there make all sorts of stuff from juice pouches and I really don't feel I need to travel that road since it's so well traveled (I like to take the road less traveled & bumpy) but everytime I have a show I get the "oh you make stuff like those juice pouch bags" No people I don't! but to stop them from saying that & the fact that I do come across a poop ton of pouches I decided to make these juice pouch Pockets! everyone loves them and at $2 a pop who wouldn't!

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