Friday, March 11, 2011

Recycled belts!

So like  most things when they break we throw them away! well if you are like me that is just not an option! either you find a new use for it or you recycle it~ and if it can't be recycled you better find a new use for it. So my hubby broke his belt, we could go on here on how or why it broke but I am sure that you can figure that out on your own. So the first thing that popped in my head and I would think anyone's head is to make a bracelet with it. This took some time to come to fruit because  I wanted it to snap and I knew the snap kits at Joann's just weren't going to cut it so I had to do some research & found the tool for the job~ seems there's a leather website that has anything you could dream up! Which is were I also found my other idea of burning something into the leather because let's face it I need to spice things up!

TaDa! here are the first 3 (well there is one before this that I burned the word Recycle into that I wear I figured not everyone would like my penmen ship so I stuck with shapes). I put  them up at the Yellow Door in Berkly, MI for Sale!

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