Friday, January 8, 2010

Compost where you can!

I noticed at work that everyone seems to eat a fair amt of fruits and veggies as well as the at least one pot of coffee a day and where were all the scraps going? yep in the trash! it's was driving me crazy so I read online about smaller compost bins and how to make one cheaply~ with something I already have because let's face it the boss isn't going to spring for a compost bin even if it's for the greater good! so from what I read it's really about the items you put in it ~ so I got an old plastic tote and had one of the guys at work drill some holes in it ~ hence the smiley face then propt it up on some bricks we had laying around from when the building was built and started filling it up ~ I didn't get many leaves in there before the snow fell but lots of coffee and filter so that should be good for the "brown" items! Sometimes if I have big stuff that needs composting at home and it can't go in my composter I have in the kitchen and I don't feel like drugging  to the backyard in a foot of snow I'll bring it to work! Oh yeah the fella at work didn't listen to be all the way so my hubby had to drill some holes in the bottom of the bin for drainage but not so big the stuff falls out! now I hope to have some good compost by spring so I can plant a garden at work!

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