Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Fabric Closet!

Well in a early posts I was yammering about organizing my surrounds so I can move on the organize my life~ well it is still a work in progress but very very close! here is a picture of my Fabric Closet~ it may not look "neat" but since I have no before picture you will have to trust me on this one that it is well organized by my 11 year old daughter~ thank god for her! I also am posting a few others of my sewing room.

I was thinking today when I got home from going out that I couldn't wait to get home to put my hair up in my favorite pony and put on my $2 Robe thing~ see it's not long or thick like a robe but great to pop on over your shirt! Every day when I get home from work these are first things that I do~ usually peeing it #1 because we all know that I am the queen of  peeing my pants ~ to many other things to do than pee but when it starts to tinkle out it becomes very very important!!

I also finally got my family quilts up that  I made in a personal 3 day work shop a friend of my and I attended at Susan Shie's house a couple of years ago you can learn about Susan here she is a wonderful women that makes the most gorgeous quilts~ you can't sleep with them but you will have to see them to understand! I made one for my Hubby, Daughter, son and one to myself it just not only has the things they love on the quilt but basically a letter to them from me!

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