Monday, January 25, 2010

So one day an infomercial got the best of me and I bought another Juicer! really what the hell was I thinking I already have this expensive one sitting in the cupboard-but if you have ever juiced u know they are not the easiest thing to clean so the promise of an easy cleaning machine got my blood a flowin and I bought it hook line & sinker! When it arrived I quickly juiced my favorite green apples and parsley drink but in the middle of my mouth watering concoction  it ceased & assisted! what the heck now I'm pissed cuz I not only bought something I shouldn't have but now it's a piece of crap & they will surely give me a hard time about returning! well seems there's a reset button on the bottom & it is easy to clean & I love it! ya know Jack LaLanne that old dude! now i am trying to get use to the daily detox - asparagus,lemon,cucumber!
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