Thursday, June 24, 2010

Old School Wrapper Bracelet's

So lately I have been obsessed with these wrapper bracelets! I found this fantastic site called Ecoist with all kinds of bags but I guess my problem is that they use run offs from companies not actual used wrappers but I guess what is a company to do with the run offs? so in all fairness I shouldn't be bitter. But then they send them off to Peru to be made! Ok I should be happy that something is being done with the run offs even if they are being sent to Peru but what about good old USA? Because sure you are using what might have been thrown away wrapper run offs but you are not doing the environment any good by then shipping those run offs to Peru. There is good and bad to everything so why does it bug me so?? All I can say is that my chip bag bracelets are  American Eaten (chips of course) & American Made~ if that matters to anyone. I really am trying not to be bitter.

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