Sunday, June 27, 2010

Weekend of Food

I think my weekend was mostly about food~ Gardening and Dehydrating all the food in my house that was about to go bad! I made a bunch of Fruit roll ups from a big stash of strawberries that I thought my daughter would eat up but didn't. I dried half of the quanity when I first got them. So I blended them added some ground flax seed and honey they taste fabulous but my son is so hip to them probably because they aren't filled with all kinds of crap. I also have home made granola and bananna's in there right now. Yesterday was the day for the veggies~ Celery, onions & japalones. The onions are so good you can just eat them right out of the jar!

I also got my first produce out of the garden! whoot whoot green beans. I made green bean casserole. I am excited that the garden is going to grow and fruit like crazy because last year it wasn't so good here in Michigan. No one's tomatoes grew and cucumbers weren't coming up either. We had alot of cold days so the tomatoes just stayed green!

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