Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Stick a Fork in it!

A few weeks ago I was at a wedding shower and of course I noticed the bottled water, plastic cups, paper plates, plastic silverware and then all the wrapping paper! well it took everything I had not to be the Recycle Police but I managed to pick the coolest table in the whole world to sit at and seems these ladies (well most of them ) had the same Love for our Mother Earth as I do! So as I was shoving all the plastic bottles I could in my purse I look up to see someone (OK she was only 4!) throw the plastic wrapping bag from a gift in the trash~ see I thought I could just discreetly go up to the head of the room after and snag the bag of trash that held all the wrapping paper~ so this just broke me and I had to weasel out of the corner and dig it out of the trash in the middle of this shower~ lucky for them they were to busy chatting to hopefully even notice but I doubt it! Oh well they can say what they want I am do it for them (and me too). I also asked what they were doing with all the plastic table clothes and now they are in my possession along with all the wrapping paper! But for the best part~ the plastic silverware well I just couldn't throw it away so I shoved it to in my purse and had the ah ha moment that night! and here it is a ring! I love it so and at my day job we have birthday parties were they use tons of plastic silverware!

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