Monday, July 12, 2010

Made From Scratch!

I am not much of a reader these days~ there's just not enough time when I want to make things! But we were going on vacation and that is when my making time comes to a hault so I found this book and actually read it in two days between partys and theme parks! It's about Homesteading but in a more realisitc way~ chickens, Bees & Gardens as well as making clothing and a few other things but the first three things are what excited me the most since I already sew and spin yarn. My husband is a bit concerned now that I have demanded that I am starting a bee hive and we are getting chickens (but I have to make sure with our township first). For me it is not only a sense of raising your own food but the fact that I don't get all that packaging when I actually get it! I can get eggs without an egg carton and I can make pasta without have to recycle a cardboard box~ this is what most thrills me! This book not only gives you a run down on how to do these things it also tells her story before hand and let me tell you it's pretty comical!
A Must Have Book!!

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