Saturday, July 17, 2010

Garden Gifts!

The one thing I was most excited about was coming home from vacation and seeing what my Garden had grown for me!! I was thinking there would be a ton of Green Beans but there was only a small handful but I did get 3 big Banana Peppers! I also discovered some Cilantro which I had grown last year but it didn't do so well so that was a sweet surprise! This is only my second year at having a garden and last year not just for me but for most folks in Michigan garden's didn't do so well we got tomatoes but they never turned Red this year I only planted 3 tomato plants and they are Monsters!! we had to fix them up since the tomato cage isn't able to handle them! I also planted potatoes for the first time~ my neighbor gave me some starters so I dug up some of them since the plants are still green~ I think once they start turning brown they are done! So tomorrows dinner will have potatoes and banana peppers!! I is so rewarding to eat something you've grown!

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