Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Tee Shirt Obsession

I cleaned out my closet and now I have all these shirts that just sit in a pile~ Alot of them are white with those discolored underarm areas so you can't give them away and other's have holes so what to do with them??

Well I came up making bracelets with them. Not only are they cute but they are absorbant on those hot days~ maybe I should make a headband.....Hmmm my wheels are turning!
Grey Tee Shirt
White Tee Shirt ~ Then Tye Dyed

Now you can only use so much of the tee shirt to make bracelets so what to do with the rest?? Well make Tee Shirt Rag Rugs that what! I already have a few of these~ one in my bathroom and one in the bedroom.

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