Monday, June 21, 2010

Radical Recycks hooks up with Recycled Lps!

I had a show this weekend at the Liberty Fest in Canton, Michigan~ I didn't know if the show was any good and the booth price was pricey so I asked my old new friend Wendy if she wanted to split it with me since she makes purses out of old lps as well as journal~ they are so cool she actually has a patent pending on her purses I never seen one made like that! Of course I was coming up with all kinds of ideas for her to make with the lps. Funny how we can come up with ideas for others so easily! She even painted that sign in our booth on a used vendor banner from Home depot!! It's it great! she thinks it's crappy so I took it home with me so she didn't ditch it! I think our stuff goes well together so I see more split vendor shows in our future! but not Liberty fest ever again it was like a home show with business's trying to shove stuff down your throat and I think we were the only booth that was handmade! But I had fun with my friend and meeting her fantastic family~ fireworks to end the night!
You can see her stuff here

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