Monday, January 24, 2011

Almost Famous

It seems lately every time something happens and I get excited it doesn't follow thru so after the last let down I decided to keep my mouth shut until the proof was out! So back in December I got a call~ wait wait let's go back further~ I had a show in Fenton, MI and there was this lady at my friends booth what seemed like most of the day and I chatted with her on and off but not really about my goods, she was very excited about my friends upcycled vinyl purses. So the show was wrapping up and that is when she saw my goods and my book so we chatted this time about my stuff and how I began and blah blah well she said that she had a reporter friend that she was going to tell about me because i was a local person. So I didn't really think about it because sometimes folks have the best of intentions but things don't come to fruit~ then she called me and let me know she passed my info on to her friend~ really how nice is that to call and let me know not to many folks out there like this fabulous lady! so again I didn't put much stock into it because he had to want to talk to me~ he called and set up an appointment to come to my house along with a photographer! crap now I have to clean my house!!!!!!!! so they came and all was fab. then the article came out this past Sunday in the livingston Press & Argue (michigan paper). I read it online then went to pick up a copy and to my surprise my mug was on the front page! whoot whoot~ ok not the most attractive picture but I'm not going for Ms. Michigan! and the article inside was wonderful too~ hubby said it doesn't get any better than that for a newspaper article! very excited and I have gotten a lot of calls and emails!

You can read the article here

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