Saturday, January 22, 2011


When you fuse shopping bags you end up with a lot of scrap from the bottom of the bag and the handles of the bag. You can't throw them away that defeats your efforts but you can use them to stuff thing like this hanging heart.
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But when I store my scrapes I line them all up and the a piece of scrap around them this makes it look like a pom pom! so I have all these plastic pom poms around my sewing room. Well I have been wanting to put them on a stick and glitter them up~ today was the day I finally came thru! I used an old chopstick~ not sure where they come from but seems I always have a ton of them in my silverware drawer! I hot glued the chopstick up in the middle then hot glued around the base so that it stays put! I trimmed up the pom pom to make it look its best then sprayed it with glitter spray! this would be a cute, quick, cheap & eco friendly way to make some pom poms for those sporting events! oh I will have to make my friend some for football season since her son plays and she of course goes to every game to cheer him on! I think I can even spray paint them to match the school colors! 

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