Monday, May 16, 2011

Inspired Workshop

I taught at Artist Inspired Workshop in North Carolina this past week/weekend and I can't even express in words how much fun I had. I met so many fun people and laughed so hard I am pretty sure I peed my pants a couple of times! Everyone loved it and made the most amazing bags ever! That is one of the things I love the most is seeing what people come up with everyone is so talented! Ruffles I do believe was the theme that was to have been started by Stephanie Stacy Ackerman! I hope to cross paths with all of the folks again one day!. I was so excited to come home and start making some stuff myself but I had to catch up on sleep first then work this week but I managed to bust out a tote tonight!

Here is a picture of every student with their creation~ Well I hope I got everyone!

Mosaically - Inspired workshop by RadicalRecycks



  1. Loved you and your class! Thank you for inspiring me to do more than just recycle but to upcyle and use my "garbage" bags. xo

  2. Hello recycle, upcycle, bicycle chick..Thanks again for the amazing inspiration, laughs and plain ol good trashy time...oh, and for the "shout" out to "Stacy" Ackerman (psssttt..I am sure it is because the word "stacy" sounds like Tracie, which is your name is STEPHANIE which then would make your name something like "TRACE-A-KNEE"

  3. Your class rocked. It was by far my favorite. I can't believe I actually created an original "Forever 21" bag from recycled trash. I loved the class. I loved you! You were so fun! And I love my bag! I am looking at my trash much differently now!